Update for 04/06/2020
Some of Hamilton Indices have been loaded.

Update for 03/29/2020
Oxford, Trenton, Monroe and parts of Fairfield indices prior to 1987 have been loaded.

Update for 03/25/2020

Subdivision and Township Indices prior to 1987 are now available.

Deed Images from 07/06/1984 through 12/31/1986 are now available through our Kofile search site.  Just enter the Book and Page that you need and you can retrieve the image.

The Recorder's Office is closed to all visitors until further notice.

 Essential services provided by the recorder’s office will be maintained by on-site personnel and will be operating at full capacity during this time.

During this closure, documents that need recording will be accepted via eRecording, mail or drop off.  Documents can be dropped off in a drop box located in the lobby of the Administration Building at 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00.  Please make sure if you are dropping off documents that a cover sheet is included that includes company name, contact, phone number and email address.

Our online search system is available 24/7 with documents and images from 1987 to present.  The unofficial watermark will be removed from all online images during this event, but will return once business is back to normal.

If you are in need of indexes or copies prior to 1987, please email our office at  We will make every attempt to try and accommodate you via email, fax or mail.  We will be suspending our $2.00 per page copy fee during this closing.

Please check our website for additional updates that will be provided as needed.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Denise Goll, Chief Deputy at or (513) 887-3195.

Thank you.