Butler County and Kofile Installation Update

On April 2, 2018 the Recorder’s Office will be launching a new land records system.  As we prepare for the installation, we want to keep you informed of some of the changes.

The new system will have the capability to email you your recording receipt so that you know your documents have been recorded.  If you send documents to us and want to receive recording confirmation, make sure you include your email.

All data and images will be available immediately for search on our internal search site.  Data transfer to the external website will be live; however, images will not be available until the following day. 

Social Security Numbers will no longer be visible to the public.  This includes inside and outside of the office.  If you need to see a document while visiting our office that has a redaction on it, our staff will be happy to make you an unredacted copy.  You just need to ask.  I know that this may be a concern to some of you, but in order protect citizens against fraud, this is something that our office must do.

The examples below are counties that are running similar search systems.  You may type the information in our public search computers to view and play with the example counties.  Please keep in mind that each county is unique and the Butler County site will look similar, but may have different search options and instrument types.